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All those cookies…

What you must know about comments (and spams)?

Many people are confused when it comes to comments and their IP address. Do we need to collect it? Yes, we do. But why? Because that will help you escape all those spams you would receive if we don’t take such action.

Don’t know what cookies are used for?

Our purpose is to help you understand how our website works. Many people are confused when it comes to cookies and their purpose. We made it all easy!

*Once you decide to post a comment on the website you will need to accept cookies which will stay in your browser for 365 days.

*Log in cookies and test temporary cookies last for just 48 hours.


At our website, there may be some content that is not just coming from our pages, but also from the other websites. It may collect some of your data. You actually don’t need to think about it a lot because it will only be able to see the information you have already provided by yourself on your personal profile.

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