Is milk really healthy for us?

When you are watching TV and see a commercial about milk or chocolate, what do they say? Do they say how we should drink milk because of calcium, right? Yes, that is exactly their main fact for drinking milk. They also say how it is good for our bones and teeth. In the last two decades, scientists have told us how milk is not good for our health as they have thought earloer and how we are the only mammals who drink milk when we grow up. What is the real truth about milk? Maybe the facts you will find below may help you to understand what is going on with that milk affair.

1. Calcium. The truth is, dairy products and milk definitely contain calcium, but it is somehow differently used in our bodies. Our body needs a lot of energy to get that calcium from milk, and that is the first thing scientists have realized when they have started talking about the bad sides of it. Many also claim how milk has calcium, but it cannot be used in our bodies at all and how it makes our bones suffer. The truth? The truth is somewhere in between. The real fact is how vegetables have more calcium than milk. Nutty fruits too. So, you can drink milk, you will get some calcium from it, but not that much as society has thought earlier.

2. Diseases? Many people also claim how milk causes too many diseases. That is because no one drinks milk on our planet when they grow up, but only we, humans. The truth is, milk won’t make you ill incept if you are milk intolerant or have an allergic reaction to it.

Overall, you can drink milk if you like it, but don’t expect how it you get all the calcium your body needs.