How to prepare amazing wedding-with different ideas for food!

The wedding is definitely one of the biggest days of our lives. Everyone who is getting married tends to plan a lot with a purpose to have a memorable day. Besides that, making guests happy is also what a couple wants to achieve, right? But, what would happen if you serve a little bit different types of food for your wedding than people usually do? Want to surprise everyone? Check out my ideas below and make a remarkable wedding everyone will talk about for years!

1. Sophisticated chocolate confectionery. Everyone likes sweets. Therefore, why would you have some ordinary cake when you can serve some luxurious chocolate confectionery instead? Be sure that you choose different sorts so everyone can find their favorite flavor. I can highly recommend you to think about such chocolate confectionery which is filled with nuts, pistachios, almonds, and candied fruit.

2. Wedding cake. Okay, you definitely need a cake for a wedding, right? Instead of ordering some ordinary wedding cake, you should come up with another idea. Think about the favorite flavors of your guests. Why wouldn’t you make one cake with different flavors? Those can be divided on the stairs, as wedding cakes usually look that way. Let’s say that on the first stair you will have chocolate flavors, on the second you will make something fruitty, and on the third something nutty. In that case, everyone’s tastes will be completely satisfied.

3. Drinks. Thinking about rum? Why wouldn’t you make cocktails instead? Create such cocktails which will have your personal touch. Add some specific ingredient everyone can connect with you two as a couple. Let them remember your wedding for their whole lives!

Are you ready for your big day? Have this advice helped you to create a perfect menu for your wedding?