How to make children eat the food they don’t like?

Remember yourself as a child. You probably didn’t like some sort of food, right? Well, now you are a parent, and constantly stressing yourself over a fact that your child doesn’t want to eat some sort of food. But, I will help you to ”trick” him or her easily! Remember how we want to ”trick” your child because it is very important for it to eat a balanced diet, and we all know how children mostly don’t like some sorts of vegetables or meat. So, let’s see what can we do to change that!

1. ”Mask it”. Let’s say that your child doesn’t like broccoli. How are you able to mask broccoli at all? Well, it is possible. The good thing is how everyone is crazy about smoothies today. You should just blend it together with some other ingredients in a smoothie and your child won’t even realize how broccoli is there.

2. Use the food they like. I didn’t like cabbage when I was a child, and my mother has used it in those recipes where my favorite ingredients were present too. In that case, I really didn’t have any problems with that meal. So, put the food your child doesn’t like with those ingredients he or she likes a lot.

3. Interesting shapes. If you have a toddler who doesn’t like to eat much food, you should create some interesting shapes from food. You can buy some teddy bear models or anything your child likes.

Are you ready to make your child’s diet healthier with these little tips and tricks? What was the food you didn’t like to eat when you were just a child? Do you remember how your mother trick you at those times? Which of this advice do you find the best?