How to create healthy pancakes?

Oh, pancakes! We all like them. But, if you are on a diet or trying to live a healthier life, you will need to stop eating pancakes, right? No, you won’t. I will help you to enjoy pancakes even if you are on a diet! Check out the best recipes for healthy pancakes!

Version one: For everyone who likes sweet pancakes, this recipe will definitely become the favorite one! What do you need? You need some oats which you will have to make into the flour with a blender. After that, mix two egg whites with it and add some brown sugar or honey. You can also add stevia if you consume it. After that, you can add pure cocoa or raisins. Bake those in the oven or on a Teflon pan to escape the fat.

Version two: Okay, we have seen how to create sweet pancakes which are healthy for you, but how to create those for all the fans of ”salty version”? You can use some dark rye flour or any other sort that is not pure white. Add two eggs in it and mix it until it becomes a perfect mixture. Add some salt and canned tuna. After that, when it comes to baking, use the same way as for the sweet pancakes.

Some bonus tips-for sweet pancakes, you can use some fruits like bananas, strawberries, or even nuts, and for version two of our healthy pancakes, you can make some dressing from a low fat cheese.

Let’s explain for the end why are pancakes actually unhealthy? Those are unhealthy because of the white flour, oil and their fillings which are most of the times full of calories.

Be free to completely improvise with my two versions of pancakes until you find something you really like! Hope this helped you enjoy your pancakes on a diet!