Healthier versions of your favorite meals

If you are constantly thinking about going on a diet and losing those few extra pounds you have gained lately, maybe we have a better idea! We don’t like thinking about a healthy diet as something restrictive, but about something that can be implemented in your daily life. Therefore, I have thought about some other ways in which you will be still able to enjoy your favorite meals but in a little bit healthier way! Check out my ideas below!

1. Hamburger. Everyone loves hamburgers, that’s the fact, I cannot doubt it. But, how to make it healthier? Instead of meat, it would be highly recommended to use beans. Also, soya or tofu are great choices if you want to lower your cholesterol levels and cut the calories in this meal.

2. Pizza. If you didn’t know, you can make pizza’s base from carfiol. All you have to do is to cook it for a few minutes and blend it into the fine texture. What other ingredients can you change on pizza to make it healthier? Ham? Yes, ham. You can add tuna instead. And instead of cheese, you can use some mix of vegetables like sweet canned corn, paprika or spinach. Zucchini pizza with feta cheese is also a great choice.

3. Sweets. When it comes to sweets and desserts, you can always create some healthier and lighter versions. The best would be to use rice or oat flour instead of white wheat flour. Instead of sugar, you should use honey or if you are trying to cut down on calories, the best choice is definitely stevia. Chocolate? Use pure cocoa or dark chocolate instead. Add as many fruits as you like. When it comes to fat, the best choice is definitely coconut oil. It also speeds up your metabolism.